Your Spring Guide: Where To Travel In February?

Travel in February, Winter depth contributes to the height of tourist visits in many places that tend to be crowded. Wu and UNESCO world heritage site. It is also a privileged time for extreme climatic conditions at any end of the spectrum, from the Middle East to Antarctica.

Yellowstone national park

In may, Yellowstone is a winter Paradise with a limited number of visitors. Take advantage of this great opportunity to go skiing, snowshoeing, Snowmobiling or heated snowshoes all over the country to see wild animals (moose, bison and even wolves).

Nevis and St. Kitts

It’s like entering the Caribbean 20 years ago, with a couple of brake lights, a relaxed lifestyle and a few upscale rooms. There are several mega hotels on the nearby island of St. Kitts, but the closest part to the harbors of Nevis and Christophe is the crowd, the new Park Hyatt St.Land Kitts and Saint Kitts.


In the first half of the month the country is buried in greenery, it does not rain, and the wind keeps the temperature of 80 degrees during the day.


At low humidity cool breeze blows in the morning and evening. The sun will be a little early, but the sunset is great.


In 2019, carneal will be held mainly in January: fat Thursday falls on may 17, and the festival will end on Tuesday, Mardi Gras(March 5). Everything luxurious and extravagant in Venice is marked by Baroque costumes, masquerades, sinful treats and the General indulgence of bacchanalia.


One of the darkest months of Iceland, you will have more opportunities to see the spectacular displays of the Northern lights. Winter can be harsh and unpredictable, some activities will not be available, but the spectacular snowy scenery will bring the locals available to visitors.


February is the coldest month in this tropical country and one of the driest, making it a great time to explore Myanmar. Festival of Mahamuni pagoda in Mandalay, the festival of the cave Pindaya (near Inle lake) to Pindaya and the festival of pagoda CAIQUE cahuc that crosses the river from Yangon.


We invite you to visit during the festival of arts Kara Gouda, which is held every February, when the city is full of events, exhibitions and amazing art objects.

Yunnan Province, China

By may, many parts of Yunnan are already in spring mode, with camellias and other flowers in full bloom, and in the East and South of Kunming,a field of yellow rape flowers, the photographer’s area this comes after the Chinese lunar New year(this 5th-15th is held this year since February 2016). How to deal with so many people on the move and a lot of shots


In may, there were almost no tourists in Israel, so he had unlimited access to almost all objects, without waiting for the queue. If you are looking for the best hotel and the best room with the best guide, with all unbeatable prices, it’s time to go. Temperatures are Moderate in the 1950s and 1960s for the most part, and although it rains a bit, the landscape can make it feel like Vermont or spring in Switzerland.:

abu dhabi

February is one of the coldest months in Abu Dhabi, with a peak of 70 and a minimum of 50 .


Prices are up to 40 percent cheaper per month than in high season, and vegetation is lush green for rain. Periodic thunderstorms that often roll around provide a beautiful rainbow that forms a great background for your photos. In addition, a large number of wild animals have cubs (zebras, antelopes, antelopes), and predators tend to be more prolific for greater availability of prey. It is also a time when migratory birds are inhabited by full-blooded feathers; their color is simply delightful.

Antarctica Cruises

As for the moon, the sea ice melted, which allows for long journeys, and whales were seen when humpback whales came to the surface and fed the whales. These short autumn days can also be seen Northern lights or southern lights. In addition, the iceberg is beautifully sculpted by a summer breeze reflecting the Sun’s rays like a giant crystal spider, and special offers are available for departures at the end of these seasons.


Winter holidays in the Caribbean are a bad idea, especially in the first half of the year when the Islands take turns celebrating their unique and traditional carnival festivities,from Alba it lasts from late may to 3 may(it’s the whole month if you pay attention). With parades almost every weekend, the added benefit of the colorful Alba carnival is that there is almost literally no chance of rain on this parade.Hey ,Hey. This uninhabited island gets almost annual rainfall, and if you want to get to the nearby and personalize the festival yourself, Marriott Aruba has a carnival celebration more than nightly that restaurant in front of La Vista beach, Aruba, but there are rare Islands in the Caribbean. Outdoor Windsurfing from the desert on Quad bikes in (Where To Travel In February)

British Columbia, Canada

The rocky mountains of Canada have become the perfect place for winter sports, but it’s kind of a change, and this year, rather than just gathering a group of friends for Canada’s skiing mission, we’re British Columbia nine years ago, when skiing week becomes 9 to 16 days, 23 to 2 months BC, you fly to Vancouver and then you can go to Vancouver. You’ll get in a caravan for a big party that rolls down the gunpowder path(the people of Florida, that’s not a euphemism, three of the best hangover ski areas in the country are Revelstock, Picos de sole, and Silver Star, and you’ll get what you put into sweating the night before).

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