Ways to Travel: The Diverse Cheap Choices

Ways to travel, they often remind me of the work of a travel writer and how much they travel. These endless hours at the airport crowded with buses, trains and taxis. But you can not only move, but also shape your experience, the place you see, the people you know. Below are 8 different modes of transport to explore the country and some of the pros and cons associated with them.

1. Bike

The bike has a lot of advantages. To move slowly, you will experience a lot of earth, its nuances and people. There are no glass bubbles to protect you as your bike will be a full touch experience. Cycling across the country adds goals and objectives to celebrate each night and keeps you strong and fit. You travel light, so be easy. Some countries are better at this mode of transport than others. A good road will certainly help avid cyclists in the background, as well as good weather. Of course, not everyone has the time it takes to prepare for a physical test or open with a pedal.

2. Classic car.

Not everyone has an old car, but it could be a regular car. There are several clubs that organize grandiose driving schools around the world. Driving in a convoy will be part of the circus where you move the community, the roadshow, and they intrigue the locals with the same safety that intrigues you. North America, Australia, South Africa, North Africa and Eastern Europe are scheduled for up to 500 kilometers a day managed by the convoy scheme. As reported on the website of the recent Vancouver expedition from Alaska, the driver was waiting for a “25-day tour, and the picturesque scenery was taken and liked”.

3. On the board

Surfboards do not go from A to but give a convenient reason to explore the coastal cities and tropical Islands. Surfers are passionate about surf booking and wave surf vacations around the world. Take a surfboard-like you do in Central America such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and in many cases, you will be able to find the perfect surfboard for you. Follow the trail to the best beaches and the best waves, which are accompanied by a beach bar and surfing.

4. By local bus

Here is a photo of me jumping on a chicken bath in Guatemala(I Guarantee you the chicken is not damaged by taking this photo). They are called chicken baths so it is not uncommon for them to sit next to them. Or five. These old American school buses travel and sink in mountain passes, even in places like Central America, Southeast Asia, and parts of Eastern Europe. Passengers tend to pack like sardines, buses never leave on time, never break for hours. It’s not something you like at the time, but it sure laughs when you remember it. Traveling as locals, you can feel like a local, savoring a small part of life in exotic countries.

5. On a motorcycle.

From Che Guevara to Easy Rider and Ewan McGregor, the idea of long-distance motorcycle rides has a timeless appeal. Accelerate on the road and wind against your skin, your engine Isak. The hills are no problem for today’s powerful bikes, although riding in bad weather is not a picnic. In India, I met a lot of travelers who bought 500cc Enfields to sell them and tour the country when they left. There is no shortage of legendary Cycling routes around the world: from Baja California, Chile, Argentina and Rome to Istanbul. Please remember that speed is dangerous, so it is also important to take time.

6. On the train

I crossed Mongolia and Russia by train for three weeks. At that time, 11 days were spent on trains, including 5 days of non-stop stay. Life on the train will be almost hypnotic. The sound of the track, the movement of the car, the blur of endless fields. Perhaps more than any other kind of travel, the train will give you permission to stop. You can literally look out the window, read, talk and think while the world is happening to you. Almost everything is out of your control. Come when you get here and leave when the whistle blows. You can also sit back and enjoy the ride.

7. Kayak.

There are several places in the world where you can find incredible wildlife, pristine natural beauty and even indigenous tribes kayaking for weeks, but there are places like the Islands of the Orinoco Delta in Venezuela, the Amazon or the British Columbia group. Tonga has 50 beautiful Islands and you can spend the night on the Islands between lavender and vineyards along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Another popular place for kayaking is turquoise water kayaking in the Ionian sea of Greece, which can be submerged on the white Islands mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, kayaking in the river or in the sea is a physical and gentle, guided way.

8. Thumbs up.

Hitchhiking is always shit and you can get a great ride in a big luxury car or you’ll be crushed between cows behind the track. You can meet friendly people who give themselves to the mercy of a madman, beyond or, God forbid,. He can wait for hours in the rain, or he will be picked up by the first car that will accompany him. Hitchhiking in Europe, North America, and other parts of the world maybe something that has become so due to bankruptcy or personal, it is suitable as a means of ultimate adventure that”where does the universe take me?”Once I spent time on the side of the road in Albania waiting for a walk. The old man came to me with a wet donkey and played his home flute. I vividly remember the moment, expecting on the sun, enjoying all losses. The time of the approval of the authorities hitchhiking.

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