The Coolest Places in The World: The Must-See Spots

The coolest places in the world, international destinations such as Greece, Croatia, Chile, Italy, as well as Colorado, Washington, southscalorie visitors can choose from magnificent. Ancient dream villages of mountain ranges, sparkling emerald lakes, thunder, high cliffs, parks attract millions of people from all over the world.

1. Maroon Bells, United States

Located just 10 miles from aspen, Colorado, the maroon bell curled into a glacial valley and is 14,000 feet from the two peaks of mount elk reflected in Crystal, lake maroon. They are the crown jewel of the Rocky mountains and one of the most photographed scenes in the country.

It is hard to say that the timeless beauty of these two sentries, reflected in the lake, is most striking:in summer, many Hiking trails from wildflowers approach electric photography at the best opportunity: cars on the entrances are limited. The lake is popular with fly fishermen, and even if nothing is caught, the surrounding beauty is enough.

2. Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon is impressive for its large size, but you can only see part of it, but its Geology and age are imaginative, 1 mile deep and 18 miles deep in the fabric of the world and the steep winding gorge excavated by the Colorado river over the past 5,000 years. Colorful rock formations indicate the passage of time, and some of the lower rocks are 1.2 billion years old.

On the steep slope of the canyon grows a lot of life,you can see a lot of it by walking along the trail to the North end, and most people limit their visit to the beautiful views from the South end. Some of the most popular species are Yavapai observation station, Mary colter Observatory and mother point.

3. Blue Ridge Mountains, United States

Located in the Eastern United States and part of the greater Appalachians, the Blue Ridge mountains extend from the southern tip of Georgia to the North, in Pennsylvania. It is located in the great Appalachian valley between the blue ridge and the rest of the Appalachian mountains. From afar, the mountains of the Blue ridge look blue: the tree that emits the gas, called isoprene, is responsible for the bluish color, hence the name of the mountain.

There are two large national parks in the Blue ridge mountains. The best way to enjoy and get to know Blue Ridge is to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway, a two-hour drive that runs along the ridge alongside the famous Appalachian trail.

4. Oia, Santorini, Greece

The coolest places in the world, Located on a cliff with spectacular views of the Palea volcano, NEA Kameni and the island of Tirasia, Oia is the most popular and most beautiful in the beautiful Greek village of Santorini, just 11 kilograms from Fira, in the Northern part of the island, Oia is a traditional stone house with adjacent narrow streets. We invite you to the majestic Church with a blue dome and a sun terrace

The village has a share of taverns,souvenir shops and cafes, but Oia is more relaxed than the quiet and lively Fira, and most people slowly descend from the rocks of the small town of port Ammoudi with their narrow 300 steps, which is a great place to stay. Or Iya colorful gallery showing the art of many artists who fell in love with the village and made their home in it, Santorini is considered by many of the most beautiful places in the world. 

5. Plitvice lake, Croatia

Lake Plitvice, located between Zagreb and Zadar, the Croatian capital, on the Adriatic coast, is a water movement surrounded by ancient forests, waterfalls and natural and artificial bridges.

The difference between the heights of 1280 meters at the highest point and 280 meters at the lowest point indicates that the number of large and small waterfalls is clearly infinite, which constantly fill the air with dew and fog. Trails and the forest and nature trails revolve around the lake and Koryaksky ferry transports people between the upper and Lower lakes. Although the lake is beautiful all year round, it especially reflects the magical colors of autumn and the frozen Lacy branches of the surrounding trees. 

6. Amalfi coast, Italy

The Amalfi coast is a luxuriously beautiful stretch of the steep coast of Campania, Italy on the edge of the Peninsula of Sorrento. For about 50 km the coast looks like something romantic, perhaps invented by artists: steep rocks that plunge into the blue waters, isolated coves of ancient vineyards and attract attention.

You can take Salerno, a typical Mediterranean coastal road between the famous Positano and the port of Amalfi, and the charming Sorrento is a great place for all dignitaries.

7. Great barrier reef, Australia

The coolest places in the world,The only creature on Earth that can be seen from space, the Great barrier reef is huge. Located on the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia,this 2,300 km long ecosystem complex has more than 3,000 separate systems of coral reefs, coral reefs and other marine life, with sparkling white sandy beaches.

Very beautiful on the surface, but the true beauty of the coral reef creates a colorful and attractive home for countless species of tropical fish, marine, soft and hard more than 600 species of coral, stars, shellfish, turtles, sharks and dolphins. This Paradise for divers can also enjoy scuba diving on a boat with a crystal bottom, swim with a semi-submersible boat and just swim. 

8. Torres del Paine national Park, Chile

The southern tip of the Andes, in Patagonia, Chile, is a place more than in The national Park of Tres del Paine, part of the greatness of nature: it is with high mountains, ancient glaciers.

The best way to see Torres del Paine is by walking along one of the many famous tracks,but you are just a few iconic rhinos and the French Valley. 

9. God’s garden, UU, Colorado, USA.

Colorado springs Jardin of the Gods is a public Park in the city that does not require a short drive from attractions. Nature took care of it.. Hundreds of huge needles of red Sandstone, bridges and other unstable rocks intersect with a well-groomed 15-mile trail. Mountaineering is very popular, as you can expect in a Park with so many interesting rocks.

The formation of the Park was formed by Sandstone, limestone, and agglomerate embedded by forces that built the nearby pikes Peak massif and tilted vertically. Easily discover marine fossils and dinosaur fossils. The largest rock formation is the 320-foot entrance rock. Many animals have settled in the Park: it is easy to see maroon sheep, deer, mule and foxes, as well as more than 130 species of birds.

10. lake moraine, Canada

The coolest places in the world, Lake Morena, in the Rocky mountains of Canada, is a small cold pearl and glacier surrounded by emerald beauty, mountains, huge waterfalls and ancient Rocky mountains. As the glaciers melt, the water in the lake rises and changes color.

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