utumn can do many things. It can be the dreamy smell of cigarette Reaper smoke in the bonfires;a pumpkin on the porch;a pumpkin on the porch; a very hot leaf or a source of abundance, and in much of Asia,(halloween season) new Australia is the best of both with the city as rainfall and humidity decrease outside the network. And with a full summer couple crowding distant memories, it’s time for a vacation on the beach of a smart traveler, or the demands of a classic trip to California. Here are our 20 best places to visit in February.

Rome, Italy

One would think that all of this Rome would go to the beach and Rome would be relatively quiet, but it is not. Christmas is pretty busy, but winter can be a little miserable. Thus, the default month will be our month of choice to visit.   Rome, when it’s less crowded, is still attractive and warm, and you can really enjoy the end of your magical summer without tourists ruining the view.


Excellent beaches with a rich eclectic history and culture, excellent climate. Away from the magnificent beauty of the coast and the beach hotel (our advice for lovers-five-star Almira Paphos, which is friendly for children).)

Lake District, United Kingdom

Whether it is raining or raining, the lake district should be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Never again (many will say)this flaming autumn, Forest fog and smoke mixed in the morning, a good day was bright, and Golden-red trees and ferns covered the waterfall. If only someone could convey such beauty in words.

Perugia, Italy

Every year the capital of Umbria is in the center.   Italy hosts cooking classes, exhibitions and the most famous export in the city of tasters(one): chocolate. This is the purgatory of diabetics, the dream of sweet lovers and the main local food. The Belgians have their candies, Oaxaca has its candies to drink, and the Swiss have their lint, but Perugia has her words translated as”kiss”, a young chocolate maker wrapped the sweets especially for lovers, and in a beer restaurant they have their candies. Today, Bachi is somewhat reminiscent of a seductive nipple and is still shrouded in Proverbs and romantic poetry. But more seduce than taste buds in Perugia;it is a city rich in history and art,located on a hill full of medieval aqueducts.,

The Greek Islands

The small Greek Islands, Dodecanese and the southernmost region of Cyclades, are still warm and Sunny until may, and there are several sensational beaches to enjoy the charming cobblestones and capitals of ancient ruins and charming Rhodes, in the capital. Little Kastelorizo amazing and artistic. (halloween season)  Milos, which has probably the best shorelines on the Greek Islands. While Santorini and Mykonos are the unceasing extraordinary strikers. Choose one and everything is fine. Or go from island to island all around them.


You can make a charming case for Botswana as the best Safari destination in the world. Then there’s the Okavango Delta, a flawless Marsh desert full of life. (The defense was successful enough for South Africa to move endangered rhinos.While tourism came out in June due to increased heat,while the flooded Okavango chewed with water,while the lack of vegetation during the dry winter allows you to watch the game drop in cold prices for chebbing by the end of the month, and the new wildlife camp Qorokwe, which will be run in the new wildlife Qorokwe. Where is your own lagoon, where there is no beating?

Los Cabos, Mexico

Beachy Eden “Cabo” deals with cutting in style. It’s always hot in this sunlit place there are elite restaurants of chefs like Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and for star guests like Jennifer aniston, parten’s birthday, who come to weather in winter (it rains in summer). When mercury is high, but the occupation is low, then praise the moon becomes. Los Cabos is really two towns on the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. The latter retains the most traditional charm and has the most elegant hotels.

Seville, Spain

Now the hot destination-the wind of change finally blowing into old Seville-and the Moon-the best time to visit the fresh air, the winding road runs a bit less culturally, many things ranging from galleries and emerging cafes to the gastronomy revolution.


Summer crowd, low rainfall and reasonable prices, what is the best time to go before winter vacation?   Hawaii? The big island could be an explosive year: the Kilauea volcano eruption is still ongoing, but that’s normal in Paradise. In addition, Hawaii has a secret location and the island of Oahu for the best food and surfing for swimming in the charming local bars; in addition, Maui, with its increasingly popular 30 miles from the beach, has some very secret things up its sleeve-the rural island of Oahu.

New England, USA

As mentioned above, there is little rain here, and other than the rake (here it’s called), don’t wear walking shoes, but combine the rest of the city to drive through to see the autumn foliage and the fiery Vermont countryside.

Galapagos Islands

Outside this world, throughout the year, other wild animals not only on earth but also for the greatest productivity of nature, until the end of may in the Galapagos Islands it is also when the rains will be less. Also, the sea should warm up a bit if you’re thinking of swimming(and should)phenomenally diverse.

Taipei, Taiwan

But to draw such an obsessive trend in Tokyo or to shoot such relevance of”Gangnam Style” Seoul, Taiwan’s capital,in a high-rise building to mark a record of widely unknown and exciting Taoist temples, shopping malls, with attractive and neon lights, main hotel building, Hotel, Hotel, Hotel, fascinating cultural success: the room category has details on W, which has names such as”great” and”extreme Wah”. Noria Miramar can be seen 230 feet or from Taipei 101 on the 89th floor of the world’s oldest tower (halloween season).


The moon is the beginning of the dry season in North and South Vietnam, where there are many monumental natural shows and lively scenes of the city. On the upper floor of the station Saphir is the gateway to the misty trail; the Hanoi capital, the whole mess,capacitors milky coffee on a low plastic trail and the Mekong Delta, which I have downstairs is a whole world floating in canals and channels. And this is where the city of Ho Chi Minh city goes, a nine-storey block full of cafe apartments, fairy lights and small boutiques craft cafes it is also the last chance to reduce interest rates so that the high season will increase in may .

Adelaide, Australia.

The growers in the Adelaide hills were hiding on the coast of the capital of South Australia, but a new scene of power has changed. The generosity of all nature that produces local ingredients used to demonstrate its effectiveness and wants to thank the farms that surround the hills for new discoveries that rival the city of Adelaide combined with the moonlit air as the beginning of spring that goes beyond the edge of winter.

Mendocino, California

There is a month when Northern California has finally managed to act together,to stop surprising tourists who are not dressed 160 kilometers of spectacular coastal promenade North of San Francisco, with quite dramatic sea cliffs and, above all, beautiful beaches. the city of medos, which has unfortunately turned into the Great South of arid lands and shame, looks like part of New England, collected and abandoned at Cape California, Recalling the free flowering of the 1950s when the hippie spirit of art was also evident. The largest number of domestic organic vineyards live in the wine regions of Mendocino, known for their. Now he is recovering losses from forest fires of the last harvest, so a visit to this United community is a well-spent money.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Summer, when Dubai becomes dormant: when the desert city are heated to over 40 degrees Celsius, even high-rise buildings, seem to happen the fun in the open air increases, the air conditioning, but Dubai likes new life: the beach club opens its doors, and the beach is becoming more and more crowded. The terrace is full, and dive into the Persian Gulf is already warming itself in the 1920-ies, and desert excursions are also not similar to the surviving episodes of bear Grylls.   Enough big guests and talists? Dubai’s new design at nurturing + partner for boutiques, galleries and buildings.

Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Spring in may in Mauritius. Don’t get wet in the rain. Splashes of Indian ocean in huge bloom, cries of flowers and animals and conversations come out of the jungle. On the off chance that somebody offers you a trek to Mauritius at some other point of the year, it is fitting not to relinquish it. Be that as it may, October is certainly a blessing (halloween season).


The remote Himalayan Kingdom, known for its “index of National total happiness”, its untouched peaks and unstable tiger nest monasteries, is a point of exclusivity:the external rewards are of course the nation’s rare purity, largely unchanged by the outside world. As a lot of Bhutan’s delight is on journeys to the consecrated mountains and remote temples, the natural demeanor of the mountains and the unmistakable moon sky make it a perfect time to visit. This year will also mark the debut of Six Senses Bhutan, a series of five youth hostels scattered across the country’s dark green valleys and forests.


One of the friendliest countries for visitors to the Middle East, Jordan remains invisible to many. The ancient and impressive Petra, the Roman city of Jerash, the Dead sea, the Red sea, can be slept in a Bedouin camp, the landscapes of the great desert: but there are still Sunny and bright days illuminating the reddish rose and the rock of Petra on the moon; but fresh enough to travel the moon valley on a camel or horse during the day, and warm enough to sleep under the starry sky.

The Turkish Coast

The beautiful Turkish coast of the Aegean and the Bosphorus is still hot in October, (halloween season) the beaches are cleared by tourists. There is a clear Greek feeling in these areas and between the bays you will find a dream boutique hotel that is good value for money out of season and Alaçati is one of our favorites and the watches from the picturesque Selimiye, Duran, are the best places to stay in the country (new to us). Head down. Istanbul as well-it’s also hard to explore that hot summer is nice.

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